London-Paris maps

Here are the links to my Strava records of riding London-Paris in 2017. I’m guessing the routes won’t have changed that much for this year, so will give a good idea of what to expect.

Day 1 – London to Dover

A lot of miles for the first and Kent is hillier than you might expect – 3600 ft of climbing. Traffic to deal with a various points, such as getting out of London and also around Canterbury, but also some great countryside. Opportunity for fish and chips on the ferry during the crossing. There’s a few km to do on the other side to get to the hotel

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Day 2 – Calais to Arras

First day in France, and what will hit you is how good the road surfaces are and how much space you are given by drivers. Again, over 3000 ft of climbing, but nothing too taxing. Arras is a beautiful city, worth a walk around before the evening team meal.

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Day 3 – Arras to Compiegne

An easy day today, 75 miles and not too hilly. We will probably stop at one of the many WW1 cemeteries. Very sobering. Today there is a Strava segment that is used as a time trial – 10 km long and it comes after 50 miles. Great fun to have a go at and to blow your legs. The only serious climb of the day comes immediately after this, so you’ve been warned -climbing or time-trialling? In Compiegne there’s a Chinese buffet which I suspect is where the dinner will be.

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Day 4 – Compiegne to Paris

The easiest day, just 52 miles. The journey into Paris is where driving reverts to standards we are used to and riding around the Arc de Triomphe is basically terrifying. Bubbly and photos at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower then a short ride to the hotel where you hand over your bike, which you will next see the following evening at St Pancras station. Final dinner and then I have a plan – we could get some rental bikes and do a night time tour of the sights!

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