BME Attainment Gap

An article in the Higher, entitled “Mind, don’t dismiss, the BME attainment gap” refers to the difference in attainment by different groups of students.

Some really frightening stats here:

 “Figures released this week by the Equality Challenge Unit show that 69.5 per cent of UK-domiciled white students achieved a first or a 2:1 in 2010-11, compared with 51.1 per cent of BME students.

The gap was even wider for black students, with only 40.3 per cent scoring a first or a 2:1, according to Equality in Higher Education: Statistical Report 2012, published on 20 November.”

Worryingly, this is reflected across many UK HEIs, and I know that the stats for Staffordshire University show similarly worrying trends.

I think it’s time to identify what we can do to tackle this.